Worst Roommate Ever Deleted The Only Pictures He Had Of His Deceased Girlfriend, But How He Responded Is Pure Genius.


Everyone has had a bad roommate at some point in their lives, even if it's your parents. The art of being a bad roommate has been perfected by the antagonist of this story.

But at least, sometimes, a bad roommate gets what's coming to them...

Many thanks to Reddit user gotbackandmore for sharing this story.

This happened several years ago. I was living with my girlfriend at the time, when she unexpectedly passed. I was devastated, and knew about two or three weeks after that I simply could not continue living in the two bedroom apartment we shared.

I mentioned this to my sister, who I have always been close with, and that I was considering moving into a studio or one bedroom apartment. She had a better idea. She was my senior by a few years, and owned a house. She also happened to have an empty room that she was mostly using as a sort of home office.

I thought it was a great idea; while I wanted to be out of the apartment, I also wanted to be around people, and my sister was one of the best people I knew.

I agreed, and broke the lease on my two bedroom. The property management company was actually rather sympathetic to my situation, and I didn't have to pay all of the usual penalties involved in breaking a lease.

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