Worst Customers Ever Made This Bartender Stay Late, But Never Expected THIS When They Came Back.


The bowling alley should be a place of fun, where everyone gets along, bowls a few frames, and has a few beers.

Just make sure you don't get on the bead side of the bartender when you go...

This story has been adapted from Reddit user MrHandsomeBoss's post. many thanks to them for sharing!

I bartend at a bowling alley in the suburbs. I do last call about 10:45 on weekdays. Forty-five minutes before they stop selling games and the alley closes half an hour after that. Usually I'm done closing and stocking the bar by 11:30 and will bowl a few games until it's closed at midnight.

Earlier this week a group of 5 young guys come in 10 minutes after last call & ask if they can get beers. I explained I had already done last call, & started closing down everything, but I could bend it a bit if they just wanted one round.

I was going to be there late already, so I figured it wasn't going to be a huge deal to just pour 2 pitchers & give them some plastic cups. Plus I might get a decent tip for being chill about it.

Admittedly that was a dumb thought. Never happening again...

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