This Waitress Was Serving A Birthday Party For A Gay Man, But When A Drunk Bigot Started Being Rude And Homophobic, She Never Expected Them To Do THIS.


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So I work at a restaurant that has an additional room next door, which we rent out for private parties (at a very high per hour price in addition to paying for food). This past Saturday night, I and one other server were assigned to this party of 25 people, a young man who was turning 30 and all of his friends.

Now, the first thing I hear when I show up to clock in is that the other server was out sick, and our manager (who was also acting as host for the main restaurant that night) would help me when I needed it, and instead of splitting my tip with this absent server, I would put half of the gratuity (or however much help I would need throughout the night) into the house pool for the restaurant. Ok, well I was kind of annoyed, but thought if I was lucky and the party wasn't that high maintenance, I'd get to keep 75% of the tip and would just hustle. Since the party price was pre set, that meant 75% of almost $300, which is way more than I earn normally, so I was ready to do anything this party asked of me.

The Manager had started setting up the room, so I go in to finish the tables, put buckets of ice out for their drinks (our place is BYOB) and some people from the party arrive to set up decorations. They were all really sweet and were very polite whenever they needed something from me. It was a pre set menu, and by some miracle, no one asked for any modifications, so I thought I had a great handle on things.

And I did. Until the owner came in with a friend of his to eat.

Now, the owner is a catastrophic asshole and has many similarly soul-disabled friends that he brings in from time to time, but he had apparently apologized for this particular friend's behavior AHEAD OF TIME. Clearly he knew that this guy was a real piece of work. They arrived early in the evening, and as they proceeded to drink the tequila they brought, this friend got more and more loud and disruptive. After a couple hours, the owner brought him behind the restaurant to get some air.

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