This Man Agreed To Be The Designated Driver For His Drunken Friends, But They Never Would Have Asked If They'd Known He'd Do THIS.


If you already are not a big drinker, then being the designated driver is not such a big deal. but usually the task is seen as a pain. Who wants to babysit a bunch of adults acting like children?

Though it is noble, being the DD is often thankless. But don't worry, some obnoxious people g0t their just deserts...

Many thanks to reddit user doctor_x for sharing this story.

It was my younger brother’s birthday, and to celebrate my brother-in-law and I arranged to take him out to a Chinese restaurant in the city along with some of his friends.

These friends arrived and the subject of who would be the designated driver was raised. I was ready to volunteer, but before I could say anything my brother-in-law essentially tossed my car keys in my general direction and declared my role to be skipper for the evening.

Okay, fine, whatever, it was my brother’s night.

Everyone crowded into my little Mazda 323 hatchback (held together with love and duct-tape) and the evening’s festivities were in motion.

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