This Janitor Found Some Kids Playing In The School And Thought Nothing Of It, Until He Saw They Were Doing THIS.


There's nothing nicer than some well-behaved children. The ones who need little supervision, are curious, and who can be relied on to not muck of the lace too badly.

Then there are the kids who just go out of their way to make life hard on some people, and school janitors know this most of all...

Many thanks to Reddit user Peromaniac for sharing this story.

So I work as a caretaker in a school, in a rather low socioeconomic area. My job is to look after all the hirers and contractors, and clean the campus in between (vacuuming, mopping etc).

On Saturday's, the campus is host to two language schools, when I started shift where this story began, the second language school was using level 2 of the main building.

Now I was cleaning, as usual where I'd normally be at around that time of the day, one of the language schools had left and so I was now cleaning the top level where they had been using, vacuuming and collecting rubbish.

I had just finished cleaning the computer room of the top floor, and had left the door open whilst I went into the next room and started vacuuming, my normal procedure. But, about 5 minutes into the second room, I hear noises coming from the computer room which was what I just cleaned, and I said to myself "oh it's probably just some kids who have snuck upstairs whilst the language school downstairs is on break", so I proceed to go into the room, to find 3 young boys, most likely around the ages of 10-12 laying down on the tables and mucking around, they see me, and run under the desks to hide, in quite an obvious fashion.

I do my normal work and they move on, exclaiming that they are with the language school and I watched them go back down the stairs.

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