This Guy Totally Changed The Way We See Deadpool's Origin Story. Wow.


We all love Deadpool's amazing ability to be both destructive and charming. He's funny, brutal, and everything in between.

One of Deadpool's biggest fans recently proclaimed that there is something we didn't know about the crazy Marvel character.

Many thanks to Reddit user spekter299 for sharing this theory.

When watching the Deadpool movie again it occurs to me that while the healing factor allowed Deadpool to exceed the combat abilities of normal humans it doesn't fully explain his capabilities on its own.

No amount of regeneration would enable wade to accomplish feats like lining up a side flipping triple headshot, jumping off a three level overpass to land perfectly in the sunroof of a moving vehicle, throw a sword into the wheel of a moving motorcycle while jumping, throw a sword to puncture that oxygen chamber without hurting Vanessa, shoot a grenade out of a man's hand, or rack up a perfect score on skeeball.

Francis said that the treatment would activate any dormant mutant genes lurking is his DNA, but I don't think he had any. He had a subtle, but active mutation. That's why the usual methods of mutating subjects didn't work on him until they went to the final Hail Mary play of the oxygen chamber, which combined with the serum (which I imagine acts to destabilize your DNA) induced a secondary mutation.

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