This Girl Got Cornered When She Went Camping With Her Vegan Friends, But What She Did Next Left Everyone Speechless.


How do you know if someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

Everyone has had a run in with a militant vegan who doesn't just believe in the rights of animals, but also that anyone who doesn't see their way is a complete fool. It can be patronizing and annoying.

Of course, there are many good vegans out there who can have a civil conversation, but the villains in this story are not that brand of vegan. Luckily, they get what they deserve...

Many thanks to Reddit user Shuko for sharing this story.

When I was in college, I went with a couple of girl friends of mine on a short camping trip, just the three of us. They were nice girls from several of my classes, and we all got along pretty well. The only thing that ever stuck thorns in our sides were our differences when it came to lifestyle choices.

Specifically, these two particular girls were vegan, and they seemed to think it was their mission in life to make me vegan too.

Part of the reason for our going on this trip was for them to cook me some vegan campfire treats and show me the awesomeness of nature. I love camping anyway, and I figured I could deal with their preaching in exchange for sleeping for a couple nights under the stars and hiking in the woods of Appalachia with two people who were on the whole pretty nice people.

Cut to the first night, and we're making dinner. These two are grilling up portabello mushroom steaks, along with marshmallows and tofu weenies.

The food was tasty, and I didn't complain, which made them look as smug as my cat looks when she's "conned" me out of a couple of cat treats.

As we're watching the stars come out overhead in the clearing where we've set up camp, they start in on me about veganism and how I should adopt the lifestyle too.

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