This Family Was Shocked When They Saw Their Car Was Broken Into, But What The Youngest Son Does Next Surprised Everyone.


It's always a terrible scene when somebody robs your house. There's a sense of violation and personal loss that can't quite be said in words. But what about when the robbers get away scot-free? This happens far too often.

Here's a story of a young boy taking the task into his own hands...

Many thanks to pharmaSEEE for sharing this story on Reddit.

This happened about a year ago to my friend Jen and her little brother Sam. Sam's baffling clairvoyance led to some great revenge on some intruders.

One morning, Jen and Sam's mom went outside to see that her car window had been smashed. While nothing of value was in the car to be stolen, she noticed that they'd taken her garage door opener. The burglars clearly meant to come back another time to ransack the garage/home when they thought nobody was home or the family was asleep.

Unfortunately for them, Sam lived there and was obsessed with the idea of catching them in the act.

A week and a half pass, and their whole family is a little on edge. They've had police cruise by most nights to check on them, but the criminals hadn't turned up.

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