This Elderly Couple Couldn't Afford To Complete A Task From Their Bucket List, But Were Surprised When The Hotel Concierge Did THIS.


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Here is a story that has made me proud to be in the hotel industry and the reason I have made it my career.

A couple months ago we had this guest, and let’s call her Edna. She was an elderly, very sweet, very grandmotherly lady. On the day of check in, it was busy weekend and we were at 90% occupancy. She wanted me to step away from the desk to show her the room she had booked. I had no problem with this, and lead her around the property. She kept looking nervously at the ground.

Me: Is there a problem?

Edna: This step up to the room… I don’t think I can get my husband in here.

Me: Oh, we have accessible rooms, we’ll just make a quick switch to one of those.

Edna: Online when I was looking for this week there was only the accessible suite… we can’t afford the suite, we’re on a tight budget, and we’re trying to finish a bucket list.

My heart sank.

Me: We can certainly move you, no problem at all don’t worry about it.

I lead her to our accessible, waterfront suite, one of the prettiest rooms we have and one of my favorite, she loved it and thanked me with tears welling up in her eyes.

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