This Company Tried To Scam Him And His Friends After They Shopped Online, But They Never Expected Him To Do THIS.


Online shopping is supposed to be more convenient than the brick and mortar version, where you have to put on clothes, go to the mall, and be polite to the people working. It's a revolutionary idea.

But what happens when the person on the other end of your online shopping cart is untrustworthy, and leaves you empty handed?

Here's what SHOULD happen...

Many thanks to Reddit user xcrea for sharing this story.

Me and some friends run a community with 60k+, and we often allow other related businesses to advertise their sales or offers in their website on our page, since it's definitely it both parties' best interest and our fellow members really appreciate getting offers like this.

Two months ago, a woman came to us telling us that her boss wanted to sell out his website in order to focus on a different business he had. I put in an order myself, along with my friends and a lot of other members. Certain products emptied from the website in minutes because of their good prices.

A couple days passed and my order finally arrived. I was impressed by how quickly the order arrived, as to my understanding, there were only two people working and I know a lot of our members put in orders (she even sent us an image of a huge pile of parcels that were going out from the sale that she had helped her boss organize).

I opened the order and saw that 1. I didn't get all my products. 2. Some were of the wrong color and 3. I had gotten a duplicate of some of the products as well. Now this is where I get suspicious, but apparently they had some technical issues in the website during the sale. They told us we would get a refund for the lacking products, and then this happens: I get the refund.

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