This Caterer Had A Bridezilla Threaten A Lawsuit, But She Never Expected THIS When Calling Back.


Everyone has had to deal with an angry customer at some point - especially if you run your own business. but sometimes there is simply no satisfying someone, and they become the kind of pain that you wish you never could have gotten involved with.

But what about when that angry person is also gearing up for her wedding day?

It's a recipe for disaster...

Many thanks to Reddit user for sharing this story.

I used to manage a catering company for my boss while he was undergoing chemotherapy. This is one of my first jobs where I was in charge.

The bride calls me at one in the afternoon the day before the wedding and decides she wanted a cheaper menu. She and her husband already paid for almost everything and it's far too late to change anything. I told her that but she started throwing a fit saying that she wants to change the steak to a chicken and demanded we either serve chicken or charge her the price of the chicken and she will not be paying for anything extra.

I informed her that according to the contract she is to receive 150 steak lunches at a price of 50 per plate and it also states that she can't change the menu unless she does it at least a month before the wedding. When she hears this she flips out and starts screaming at me calling me illiterate and telling me that her fiance is a lawyer and they will sue me. She handed the phone over to her fiance and he also started screaming at me saying it's his damn wedding and he can have whatever he wants.

They end up firing me at that moment and I inform them that the cancellation fee is 90% of the cost of catering (which was already paid for) and they start screaming at me telling me that I ain't sh*t and they can get anyone to cater for them and they are going to make me pay for it.

They end up hanging up on me (thank god) and I had an inkling that I should probably keep making the food incase they call tomorrow and they want us to cater.

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