This Billionaire Offered An Amazing Prize To Whoever Could Pass His Test, But He Never Expected Someone To Do THIS.


We all like to imagine what we would do if we had a billion dollars, but I don't think anyone quite imagines it like this...

Many thanks to reddit user zotarquoth for sharing this story.

A billionaire throws a party for the whole town. He has everything a billionaire could possibly have including: tennis courts, go cart track, mini-golf, private airplane, and a huge mansion. The main attraction however is the biggest swimming pool you've ever seen, and inside that pool, the worlds biggest alligator.

At the end of the party he makes a announcement, 'Before everyone leaves Id like to make a challenge, Whoever can swim across my swimming pool without getting eaten by the alligator can have one of three things. (1. A billion dollars) (2. Half my estate) (or 3. My daughters hand in marriage).

No one however has the guts to do so and the party ends and everyone goes home.

The very next year he throws another party's just like the first and at the very end he challenges someone to the same challenge as before. However no one has the guts the 2nd year either and everyone leaves.

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