These Snobby Women Complained About Their Cake Order To The Manager, But Never Expected The Owner To Barge In And Do THIS.


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This story is my favourite one to tell new staff members about how the customer doesn't ALWAYS win. It's a long read but very worth it. By the way this story takes place in Australia.

I worked at a bakery as a manager of sorts which involved a lot of disputes about baked goods (we made cakes entirely from scratch, something that's uncommon where I live).

On a Friday afternoon a couple of old ladies in nice clothes come in and completely ignore the queue and anxiously shout that they need a cake for tomorrow (a bakers nightmare). I politely tell them that I'll be with them as soon as I can as the shop was filled with regulars who were loyal to the shop and I didn't want to invalidate them.

This concept seemed to be lost on these lovely ladies as they pushed their way to the coffee machine and told the barista (a timid 16 year old girl) that they URGENTLY needed to order a cake. She seemed a bit intimidated by them but stood her ground and informed them that she's not in charge of that, earning her a high five from me later.

They literally huffed, I could hear both their 'huffs' separately at the same time. I had taken a mental note of where they were in the line and gave one of the regulars (a former employee) an exasperated look and he winked and gestured for them to be served, earning him a free coffee for the day.

The following conversation is word for word. The ladies are known as arrogant birch 1 & 2 (AB1 & AB2)

Me: "Hi there, sorry about...

AB1: "Finally!!!"

Me: "...the wait, it's pretty frantic at the momen-"


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