These McDonald's Employees Mercilessly Bullied The New Hire, But Never Expected Him To Do THIS.


Everyone knows that the people you work with make or break a job. If you like your co-workers you're in heaven, but if they're a bunch of jerks, it can be miserable.

Here's a story about a couple of workplace bullies getting what they deserve.


Many thanks to Reddit user throwawayo23083 for sharing this story.

Back in my college days, I slaved away flipping burgers under the good ol' golden arches to help pay for my tuition. It wasn't a terrible job, all of my co-workers were great people... well, almost all my co-workers. There were two, let's call them Bryan Bully and Jerry Jerk, who were workplace bullies.

Both these goons had been at the same place for several years, and thus felt like they had the right to taunt and outright sabotage new crew members.

The rest of us had been around long enough to push back and tell these guys to mess off, so they left us alone. We did what we could to protect newbies that fell under Bryan and Jerry's wrath, but we couldn't always be there for them.

Things that the bullies did to new hires included, but is not limited to:

- walking over and clearing the order screen before newbies had time to see what needed to be made

- changing settings on the grills/fryers when newbies weren't looking so that the food wouldn't cook properly

- tampering with the condiment dispensers in various ways

- dirtying equipment at the end of the shift so the newbies would have to clean it again

- and of course all the usual name-calling, taunting, etc

As you can imagine, these antics greatly messed up drive-thru times and genuinely hurt us as a store.

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