The 15 Most Powerful Characters In The Marvel Universe. Amazing.


6/15 Galactus

One of the strongest in the universe. Eats entire planets, possesses vast knowledge, unlimited cosmic power, and gave beings as strong as the Silver Surfer their power and is still in an entire different power league.

7/15 Magus

The Magus's power is comparable to that of Galactus. His main power is unlimited shape shifting. He can become virtually any substance, any size (larger than suns), any shape, and any color. He can turn into things such as starships, cannons, etc. Potentially he could make himself into a massive cannon the size of a planet and destroy anything in space. His possibilities are limitless. He also possesses extremely powerful telepathy and can learn things such as languages in an instant.

8/15 Mikaboshi

Mikaboshi is an abstract being of far greater power than even the Sky father beings such as Odin or Zeus. He has defeated Zeus, the king of the Sky father and most powerful of the Greek Gods on 2 separate occasions. His powers include immortality, shape-shifting, super strength, various energy projections, etc.

9/15 Cyttorak


Cyttorak is possibly the single strongest magical being in the entire marvel universe. His power is so great that even Galactus was helpless when Cytorrak imprisoned him. He is the source of the powerful Juggernaut's power and the elite magicians of the universe including Dr. Strange, and even Dormammu and Zom who invoke Cyttorak's name to power their spells. Inside his own dimension, Cyttorak's power is limitless.

10/15 Phoenix Force

Phoenix Force

The most feared being in the universe. Single handedly defeated Galactus himself and over powered even the mkraan crystal.

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