She Was Furious When Her Co-Worker Mistreated An Elderly Customer, But What She Did Next Is Priceless.


A bad customer service experience can leave a bad taste in your mouth, especially when you're just trying to get a bite to eat.

Here's a story of one of those mean employees getting exactly what they deserve...

Many thanks to Reddit user Delanium for sharing this story.

When I was 16 I worked at a bakery/cafe, specifically in the bakery section. I sold pastries and made the drinks, and other people manned the actual sandwich/soup/salad area. We all worked very well together, had good managers, and had our lunch rush or closing cleanup routine down.

Then there was him. I'll call him AA, because he had a name that started with A and was also an a**hole. At his interview he put on a very professional front, and seemed to me at first to be a pretty nice guy. I noticed his meanness slower than others, because I worked in the bakery and he was on the line. But here are a list of his crimes:

~Not wearing gloves

~Not changing gloves when he should have

~Smoking in the cafe

~Snapping at customers (even the nice ones)

~Lying to customers

~Hitting on the 16/17 year old employees, which included me

~Generally saying jerky things like "You know that soda will kill you," as he takes a drag from his cigarette.

And somehow the managers NEVER saw any of his bad behavior.

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