She Was Bullied Mercilessly For Having Too Much Body Hair, But Her Bully Never Saw THIS Coming Ten Years Later.


School days can be filled with bullying if you're unlucky if you're a bit different. this can be worse for some people than others.

But revenge? this can also be better for some and worse for others...

Many thanks to Reddit prenthusiast user for sharing this story.

This is a story of long overdue revenge. It began when I was in 2nd grade, with a typical mean girl (Cathy) who decided that I was going to be her emotional punching bag for the year.

Cathy had some kind of territorial vendetta against me because we had the same first name and I was the typical quiet bookworm kid, too shy and scared to stand up for myself at the time, so I was an easy target.

I’ll list some of the bullying highlights from that year…

My dad’s side of the family is Spanish so I have very thick dark hair, and quite hairy arms and legs. Obviously in 2nd grade I was blissfully unaware that body hair on women is often considered undesirable, until Cathy started calling me “gorilla girl” and making monkey noises anytime she saw me. This became my nickname and made me really insecure about my hair for a long time.

Our class was growing bean sprouts as part of our biology curriculum and our teacher decided that whoever’s sprout grew the tallest by the end of the year would get a prize. I took very good care of my sprout until it was the tallest in the class! Cathy decided that I didn’t deserve to win, snuck into the classroom at lunch, and snapped my sprout causing it to die. I only know that she did it because she told me and threatened to “beat me up” if I told the teacher.

Yes, I know, I was a bit of a wimp...

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