Screaming Celebs And Trashed Hotel Rooms. Valet At A High-End Hollywood Hotel Shares His Greatest Celeb Encounters.



I stopped because work politics was taking over. There was a gentlemen who did the schedule. He had his cronies as we called them, his favorites. His suck ups so to speak. They were the guys that would 99% of the time skim tips, talk trash about other guys and make fun of people. Lifers, as I would call them. I didn't play into the political game, and as a result, my schedule started getting smaller. I had one of the best guest relations in the whole Valet service, and since I didn't play their games, I was looked down upon. I was solely there to make some money but more importantly I looked at it as a way to make friends, meet people and stay out of trouble. Instead of playing the game, I got out on my own terms. But since I looked at it from that perspective, I enjoyed my time there, took time to help/talk/connect with people and make their stay better. I was one of the only guys that when not busy, was allowed to talk/bs/communicate with guests because my personable skills are high. I get along with everyone. well, almost everyone. I was the guy that drove out of my way to pick up a birthday gift or wedding gift out of my own pocket for a guest that I made connections with.

Did all these crazy stories remind you of all the relatable shenanigans at work? No, of course not.

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