Rudest Customer Ever Ended Up Needing Help After His Flight Had Landed, But What This Airline Employee Did Next Is Just Perfect.


Everyone has been stressed while travelling. Inevitably, we'll all have moments in an airport where we act in a way we're not proud of. And sometimes it comes back to bite us.

But then there are people who are just rude and entitled, and think that they can treat airport employees like there of a different species.

Here's a story of one such person getting what they deserve.

Many thanks to Reddit user confused_longhorn for sharing their story. The story has been edited.

When I was a freshman in college, I worked at a regional airport as a gate agent and our operation solely consisted of shuttle flights to the nearest hub for Continental. At such a small airport (there were seven flights out and seven flights in scheduled daily) gate agents performed a variety of duties such as handling luggage, boarding passengers, parking/chalking the airplanes, etc. and on this fateful day, I was the last guy you saw before you step on the airplane from the little hallway (called a jetbridge).

On smaller aircrafts (hell, even on larger ones) you are allowed to "gate-check" items rather than paying the fee or carrying them on. Essentially, you drop this item off at the end of the jetbridge and agents put it in the main cargo area after all checked baggage has been loaded. When you reach your destination, agents put the gate-checked items back on the jetbridge for you to pick up. This helps keep the overhead bins less cluttered and makes for an easier boarding/deplaning by minimizing the bags or items brought onto and subsequently off of the aircraft.

So there I am on a Saturday, working the last outbound of the day, boarding a nearly full flight and am asking folks if they would please gatecheck their items, business as usual.

I am nearing the end of the line and here comes this surly looking man carrying a small piece of luggage. I already feel that this man is in a bad mood. I politely request if he will gatecheck it with me.

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