Rudest Customer Ever Came In On Her Final Shift, But Was In For A Rude Awakening After THIS Happened.


Most parents will teach their children to have respect for those that serve them, but some people, it seems, never quite get this lesson. It's a shame, really.

But sometimes they just have to learn respect the hard way...

Many thanks to Reddit user HoosierDoc for sharing this story.

So yesterday was my last day working at a restaurant. It's a casual dining place and so we get people from all walks of life there. Yesterday, the weather happened to be great, so we got really busy around 7 pm.

Well, the kitchen closes at 10 and I was second cut, so I took my last customers at 8:30. And in walk in this woman with a nasty sneer on her face with her four friends. They're a group of 21-23 year Olds that swear the world is at their feet.

I had 8 other tables that I was checking on, so I brought waters to them and let them know I'd let them checkout the menu and come back. So upon my return, I say "Sorry about the w-" And the first girl holds her hand up and says "Stop talking we were having a conversation."

Oops. My bad.

I apologized and let them finish up even though I had other tables to tend to as well. So they finish the conversation and she asks me what the specials are. I proceed to tell her, and her friends says "what did SHE say?"

As I'm standing right in front of her...

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