34 Essential Tips For Pokemon Go That Many People Don't Know Yet. Wow!


29. Pokemon with ??? as "combat points" will not recognize you as a trainer, giving it a high escape risk. Definitely use items if you have them.

30. Catches have 4 ratings, blank/good/nice/excellent, which give you 0/10/50/100 bonus XP on top of the XP you get for a catch. Also try to land the ball in the middle of the target circle. You will get extra points.

31. Whether you're on a bus, in a car, taking a train, or whatever — you'll find that you can still play Pokemon Go on the go and your avatar will faithfully run down the streets to keep up. This can be both a blessing and a curse, because you'll often pass through several potential PokeStops or Pokemon.It's important to note that when interacting with PokeStops, if you leave the area, you won't be able to finish interacting with it — and interaction is often best saved when you're slowing down or stopped in a moving vehicle.

32. However, any Pokemon that is encountered and successfully engaged while moving quickly will stay with you, letting you catch them at your leisure (so long as they don't flee).

33. To throw a curveball (which are worth more XP, but you risk burning through Pokéballs to do so), simply hold on the Pokéball and make a rotating motion until it sparkles. Once this has happened, let it fly - and most likely miss - but eventually you'll get the hang of it.

34. Technically, you should encounter more pokemon while moving around. However, because of the load time and server catch-up, it sometimes takes a few minutes for an area to load completely. The best way to play is walking a good 100 metres or so, then taking five minutes and letting that part of the world 'load in.’ (See the spinning Pokéball in the top left corner?) Chances are, a Pokémon will pop up at random intervals, so always take breaks in between bouts of adventuring around your local landscape to see what's hiding.

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