34 Essential Tips For Pokemon Go That Many People Don't Know Yet. Wow!


8. If you see a Pokemon with no footprints on the “Nearby” list, you can summon it by tapping your screen, and it should pop up nearby within a few seconds.

9. The teams are based off the three legendary birds found in the first game: Instinct (Zapdos) focuses on hatching eggs. Mystic (Articuno) focuses on evolving Pokemon. Valor (Moltres) focuses on battles.

10. Unlike the old games, battles are NOT turn-based. Instead, you swipe left and right to dodge and can tap on your opponent to do as much damage as fast as possible. The only 'tactic' outside of evasion is keeping an eye on your special meter. When the bar or bars are full, you can use the special move your pokemon has to inflict additional damage.

11. Ownership of a gym depends on a “prestige” meter, which decreases as you defeat their pokemon in battle. If you defeat one of the defending pokemon, you remove 1000 prestige, and you remove another 500 bonus prestige for beating every pokemon without losing in one match. So if you don't have a pokemon strong enough to beat all of the pokemon in a gym, you can still seriously diminish this gyms defense.

12. Also, don't forget that you have 6 pokemon to beat the gym with. 6 mediocre pokemon can beat 1 strong pokemon, so you can easily peck away at a gym, even if your pokemon are weaker than theirs.

13. Clicking the pencil next to a Pokemon's name allows it to be renamed and apparently there's no language filter as far as we can tell. Use all the naughty, potty-language words you’d like.

14. Evolution revives and heals knocked out Pokemon. Don’t waste your revives and potions if you don’t have to!

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