One Of His Truck Drivers Tried To Hustle Him Last Minute, But This Dispatcher Had The Perfect Response.


When it comes to work expenses, we all want to make sure that we're not paying out of our own pocket for the sake of our boss, but sometimes people can get ridiculous. If you agree to do a job for a certain price, you should just keep your word.

Or else this happens...

Many thanks to Reddit user ALLFATHER2233 for sharing this story.

I work at a logistics company and my job is to find drivers to take freight from A to B. I work with the same trucking companies a lot, but sometimes I get one-off drivers. This is one of those.

A truck driver calls me asking about a load for the next morning coming out of Laredo TX going to Portland OR.

TD: What is rate?

Me: We can pay $3,500 on it

TD: How about $4,000?

Me: Sorry, customer is strict about the rate on this one. Has to be 35.

TD: Oh man, I need this. I need to get home to see my son and my wife is sick...

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