20 Anti-Jokes To Save Or Destroy Your Funny Credibility



What do you call a black guy flying the space shuttle?

An astronaut. It would still be an astronaut. Once again why would it be any different?


Why wasn't Stephen Hawking invited to the rave?

He wasn't in the social circle of the people organizing the rave.


A man is walking along and he sees a little girl looking over the edge of a cliff, crying.

"Why are you crying?" asked the man

"My parents were in that car" sobbed the little girl, pointing down at a fiery wreck at the bottom of the cliff.

"What sort of car is that?" asked the man who unfortunately suffered from Asperger's syndrome and didn't understand the emotional impact of the situation.


What do you call a witch who only eats sand?



A Black guy, a Priest and a Rabbi get on a plane...

And the black guy says "Why am I the only one not identified by his occupation?" And the Rabbi says "Oh sorry, what do you do?" The black guy says "I'm a Medical Researcher and I've just found a cure for cancer" And the Priest says "That's great, for you, and us all!" Then they try to signal the stewardess for celebratory drinks, but she pretends she doesn't see them, because she has her own issues. She reaches for a tissue, but they are out of tissues.

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