16 Employees Share The Moment A Horrible Customer Caused Them To Finally Snap.


This article is based on the AskReddit question "What was your breaking point, where you snapped and went off on a rude ass customer?"

Nope. The customer is NOT always right.

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1/16. I owned/Managed a Little Caesars pizza joint for a bit. One night some guy comes in and tells my counter girl we screwed up his food last time, so this time it's free. My cashier perfectly explains the return/ we made a mistake policy and asks the guys name since we have a book we write them in. The guy starts losing it and yelling at my 16/17 year old employee. I calmly walk over to her, ask her to go in the back and call this guy out for swearing at a young girl, how he is a piece of sh*t, has no respect, and tell him to get the f*ck out and don't ever come back.

The random customer in the lobby gave me a high five.


2/16. I own my own business that opens at 10. Was running late one morning and some old dude was pacing at the door (probably 10:03) and he looks at me as I am sticking the key in the door and says something along the lines of, "well, it's about time someone got here, glad you decided to show up!" So before opening the door completely and letting him in, I locked it back and said, "actually I think I won't come in today". And then went surfing.


3/16. One of my coworkers was feeling under the weather about midway through her shift, so I was asked to move my till over to the register she was on so that she could go home. No biggie.

I grab my till, walk over, and quietly tell Coworker, "Hey, I'm here to relieve you so you can go home. Hope you feel better."

She finishes up her transaction, pulls her till out, starts gathering her stuff up.

Next customer in line starts complaining about how long she's going to have to wait.

I put my till into the register, ("It'll just be a moment, ma'am") sign on ("Just give me a minute and I'll be with you"), and start scanning her stuff.

Customer complains about Coworker not ringing her up. "She should have rung me up! I've been waiting for ten minutes." (A lie, since it had been slow, with multiple registers open, and coworker had taken maybe two minutes with her previous customer.)

(Still scanning) "I'm very sorry about that, ma'am. But Coworker was not feeling well, and I was asked to relieve her so she could go home."

Customer was not satisfied. "Well, why didn't she stay home, if she was sick?"

I don't even look up at that point because I'm just seething. Still scanning her stuff, I respond, "Maybe she was feeling well at the start of her shift and only started feeling bad after she got here. Or maybe she tried to come in and work through feeling sick because maybe, just maybe, she relies on the money she makes here to have a roof over her head and food in her stomach and can't afford to take a sick day." (I finish ringing her up) "Your total is $XX.”


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