This Guy Just Changed the Way We See Kylo Ren. [Spoilers]


"He's so weak!"

"Beat by two nobodies!"

"Got rofl-stomped by newbs!"

Did you watch the movie? Did you pay attention at all?

Let's rewind a bit, and talk about something that comes up over a dozen times; Chewie's bowcaster.

The movie is like a freaking infomercial for the epic tons of awesomeness and everything around you for the next twenty feet that this badass piece of weaponry dishes out like second helpings of your grandma's world famous mashed potatoes.

We see time again Chewie dealing heaping truckloads of who cares about that guy and his entire lineage - with this death-dealing weapon of pure carnage. He hits a Stormtrooper in the breadbasket and sends that poor guy flying twenty feet back into a wall as his armor shatters on the ground.

Han makes a point of asking Chewie if he can try it out, and then proceeds to obliterate five (two*) troopers with one easy shot.

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