Jerk In A Sports Car Stole This Elderly Man's Parking Space, But Never Expected He'd Do THIS.


We've all had to deal with drivers who are complete jerks. Whether it's on the highway, a back road, or in a parking lot. It is unavoidable.

But sometimes the people who drive the worst, get it the best.

Here's a story of a parking spot-stealer getting what the deserve. Enjoy...

Many thanks to Reddit user _mothermercury for sharing this story.

My dad's the one who actually remembers this story more accurately, since I was about four years old when it happened - so I'm writing it here from his account.

We were on our way to attend a soccer match at the local sports complex - small town, nothing too fancy, but the place was always crowded on match day. Parking spaces were scarce and got filled pretty quickly. Since we lived nearby, we chose to walk there.

So we're making our way through the parking lot, headed for the entrance, and there's an older gentleman driving a Mercedes, looking spotless and every bit like a well-loved car. The man had been lucky enough to drive up to a spot that was just being vacated, so he was waiting patiently for the other car to leave so he could take its place.

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