Incredibly Nerdy Pickup Lines That Are Sure To (Not) Work On That Special Someone.


35. I see you’re playing Tetris, give me a call if you need a long piece.

36. “Excuse me, I am really attracted to you and according to Newton’s Laws of Gravitation, you’re attracted to me, too.!”

37. Are you the Square Root of -1? Because you can’t be real.

38. I am sure my code will become stable after I #include in my life.

39. For an Apple fanatic, Can iTouch ?

40. You must be the square root of 2, because I feel irrational around you.

41. You must be pi, because you make me feel positively transcendent.

42. You must be i, because you make all my dreams come true.

43. You must be e, because you give me a natural log.

44. I wish I were DNA helicase, so that I can unzip your genes.

45. Can i be a tangent to your curves ?

46. I’m a negative person. Will you be my modulus function ?

47. My pupil expands to as much as 45% when I look at you.

48. Every orbital of my life is half-filled without you

49. I know you are not in my Range but I’d surely like you to take you to my Domain.

50. If I am a scatter plot, your curve is the best fit girl B-]

51. Hi I am Cos²x! Would you like to be my Sin²x so that we can be 1.

52. You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

53. If you were my homework, I’d slam you on the table and do you all night long.

54. If I was sin^2, you would be my cos^2. And together we would be 1

55. Are you Google? Because you have everything I’m looking for

56. You’re the CSS to my HTML.

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