Rude Mother Accused Coffee Shop Employee Of Being A Pervert While She Was Breastfeeding. But When The Cops Were Called, The Manager Did THIS.


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Our coffee shop is located in the centre of a very friendly town. Nearly everyone is polite and pleasant, and most people know each other in our shop. The second thing to note is that we are totally pro breastfeeding, as is the community. We regularly get breastfeeding mothers come in and we have never had an issue. Until last week...

It was a nice peaceful day, the sun shining, everyone was happy, staff and customers included. We'd just had the area manager come in and tell us we were top for our region with customer feedback, so we were buzzing!

Then, the doors flew open. The lights flickered and grew dim. The shop became quiet, everyone turning towards the door, sensing the impending doom. A high pitched screaming noise echoed in from outside and in raced three young children on scooters, followed by an angry looking woman pushing a pram and screaming at the other kids to shut up. They established themselves (loudly) in the middle section of the shop, taking up 3 tables in the process. The mother (M) came up to the bar to get their order.

M- I want hot chocolates. Why the f*** is everything so expensive here? This place is a f***ing ripoff. Me- (Trying to ignore the complaining) 4 hot chocolates was it? That will be £X.XX! (Big retail smile) M payed and grabbed the drinks, sloshing them out the glasses on the way over to the table, almost tripping over one of her errant kids on her way.

M- Why won't you lot shut the f*** up? You better drink this crap, it cost me my f***ing fag money!

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