Hotel Concierge Finds A Man Dead After Receiving A Frantic Call From A Guest's Wife.


DW: "FD?"

FD: "..."

DW: "What did they say?"

FD: "They told me to ignore your calls. They told me not to tell you anything and that they'll call you as soon as it fits in their procedure. They told me if I came back again, I would be under arrest. DW, I want you to know that I am so, so, sorry. I cannot put into words how sorry I am for this. I don't even know if any words I could say would do anything."

DW: "FD, I don't even know if my husband is alive right now. Can you even tell me that?" FD: "I can't."

DW: "(Wailing sounds of a mourning wife)"

I have night terrors about these phone calls still. 6 months later.

FD: "DW, I am so sorry."

She hung up. I left. I got out of the hotel for the day. I told my GM I had to go, and I bounced. He had no problem with it. He even gave me 2 days off.

This is only half of the story.

I got back to work, and there was a note in the front desk logbook that all the employees use to communicate with each other for me.

"FD, someone named DW called for you, her number is ####, she insisted that you call her ASAP, I told her you'd be gone a couple days but she still said to call her."

What the f**k. I was NA this shift, so I obviously wasn't going to call her that night, and the employee who wrote the note was relieving me in the morning so I figured I'd ask him how serious she was when he came in. Turns out, extremely serious. He told me that she was asking for my personal # to call me, and my last name to find me online. So I decided that I would call her the next day, but something crazier happened before I even got the chance.

I got home, logged into FB, first thing on my feed was a GoFundMe for DW and her kids. Apparently a friend I went to boarding school with is from the same place in Tennessee as they are and is friends with her son, and he had shared it from the person who had started it. The world is so cruel.

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