Hotel Concierge Finds A Man Dead After Receiving A Frantic Call From A Guest's Wife.


I found out later that the tone of my voice is what gave me away, I couldn't control the shakiness, and typically I am very composed on the phone. She could tell I was clearly distressed by my voice.

FD: "DW I am so sorry"

She's crying at this point

DW: "It's not your fault, please don't be upset. Could you possibly give the phone to a police officer or something? Someone who can tell me anything? Or tell them to call me? SOMETHING?!?"

FD: "I'll go talk to them right now, but I'll have to get off of the phone with you because the room is clear across the property in the 2nd building."

DW: "Okay, please hurry"

I run back to the other building, a complete emotional wreck, and there's probably 5 or 6 officers there now casing the scene I guess. Apparently it took much longer than usual because there were illegal drugs involved. I didn't even notice all the weed and wax on the desk the first time I went in the room. I found out later that he had a medicinal card, though this isn't a legal state by any means. No medicinal or anything, so there were protocols they had to go through.

This next dialogue from me is in rant-form. I didn't catch what the cops were saying because I was yelling and very, VERY upset.

FD: "Can you please call her? Can someone call her so she'll stop calling me? I can't do this, how can you guys just not tell his wife? He has fucking kids for Christs sake, I'm gonna fucking tell her if you don't call her before I get back to the desk--"

Detective: "Please don't make me arrest you for this. We'll call her when the procedure calls for it. Again, do not tell her anything. Can't you just ignore her calls?"

FD: "There's several reasons I can't do that actually. I don't have caller ID, the phone doesn't have a reject call button and will ring until they hang up, and I don't think my conscience would allow me to do that. How can YOU do this?"

Detective: "I don't know what to tell you. We're not calling her until we have all the steps covered. You need to leave now, come back again and I'm going to detain you."

So I leave. Back at the desk, the phone is ringing.

FD: (SAME F**KING ANSWERING QUOTE but this time I'm not composed)

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