Hotel Concierge Finds A Man Dead After Receiving A Frantic Call From A Guest's Wife.


All thanks and credit goes to the Reddit user, MistahPudding for sharing this heartbreaking story.

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I was working a double covering some hours for some co-workers so I was working a weird 7 PM through the night to noon the next day shift. Around 11 (checkout time) I get a call. FD = Me, DW= Distressed wife.

FD: "Thanks for calling brand name in city name this is FD, what can I do for you?"

DW: "Can you transfer me to guest name's room please? I'm his wife, and my names DW"

FD: "Sure, gimme a sec"

I transferred her and the guest didnt answer so it sent her back to me.

FD: "Did he not pick up?"

DW: "No, and to be honest I'm worried. He's a very early bird and it's unusual for him to not have contacted me by now. Is there any way you can send someone up to check on him?"

FD: "I sure can. Let me get ahold of maintenance to head up that way and I'll call you right back."

I get her phone # and call maintenance to go check on the guy in the room. 5 minutes later, maintenance calls me and says that the door is locked from the inside with the latch and they weren't getting any kind of response, so the only way for us to get in the room would be to break the latch and force our way in (which obviously incurs a damage charge that I have to get approval for from someone). So I call his wife back.

FD: "Well it looks like he may still be in the room as it's locked from the inside and we're not getting any kind of response from him. Is he a heavy sleeper or does he sleep with headphones on or anything?"

DW: "Oh God, no he doesn't but he's an epileptic that's prone to seizures in the morning"

Now I'm freaking out. My mom has epilepsy, so I understand the seriousness of this situation at this point.

FD: "I absolutely understand your concern, give me one second and I'll go up there myself and get in the room. I'll call you right back."

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