His Roommate Flew Into A Rage When He Touched The Thermostat, But She Never Expected THIS Reaction.


The thermostat is a sacred instrument, and at times people can go a bit overboard in keeping it at the exact right temperature. But when someone gets overly stingy with the heat, you just have to put your foot down.

Especially in the dead of winter...

Many thanks to reddit user bakerbodger for sharing this story.

A few years ago during my second year of university me and one of my best friends found a house to live in with three girls we didn't know. They seemed nice to start off with but then again they always do. For the short while everything is hunky-dory.

Fast forward a couple of months to winter and one night is really quite cold in particular. Everyone is home and my friend and I are the last to go to bed and after noticing the heating is completely turned off, I tell him that I'm going to turn the heating up a little before I head up.

I turn the heating up from 17 to about 22 degrees C. That night I sleep like a baby.

In the morning I go downstairs and one of the girls, Lindsay, (the most horrible one of the three I later realised) promptly approaches and aggressively demands:

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