His Manager Told Him To Look Out For Just One Thing, But He Never Could Have Prepared For What Happened Next.


Starting a new job is always a bit nerve-wracking, but especially so when you move to a new city. Luckily, this city slicker had a good enough head on his shoulders, though he never could have expected THIS to happen on his first day.

Many thanks to Reddit user takes_joke_literally for sharing this.

A man moves from New York City to the heart of Texas and applies for a job as a bartender.

The owner of the bar says to the man, "You know it's pretty rough around here, I'm not sure you could handle it, There's a stabbing about every night."

The man says he can handle himself, he's seen a lot, and in the big city he had to be tough.

The owner continues to warn the man, "There's also a shooting about once per week..."

Again the City slicker assures the bar owner that he can handle himself and he's still interested in the job.

The owner agrees to put the man on and starts giving some instructions.

"This here bartop is solid oak and has been here for about a hundred years. It's practically indestructible and has withstood all the barfights, shootings and stabbings. When things get rough - and they will get rough, I just want you to hunker down behind the bar, stay safe and don't worry about any messes, I'll take care of everything."

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