His Horrible Neighbor Had No Compassion For His Own Dog, But What This Man Did Next Was Just Too Perfect.


Everybody has had "that" neighbor. The one who seems to find a problem with everything, and who is just generally a pain in the butt. Then there's the next level, where they're not just a curmudgeon, but actually treat people, and even their own animals, like dirt.

Here's a story of one of those neighbors, finally getting what was coming to them...

Many thanks to Reddit user DogRescueThrowaway for sharing their story.

The person who lives directly across the street from me is a disgusting old man who is the epitome of the awful neighbor. He's the type that will call the cops if he sees a car parked more than a foot from the curb or if someone's grass is half an inch too tall for his liking.

He had a German Shepherd that he kept outside 24/7 and tied to a chain. The dog had maybe a circumference of about six feet in which to roam because the chain was so short, and it always spilled the small bucket of water. I probably filled that water bucket more than the dog's owner did.

One day, I saw him grab the dog by the head, pick him up off the ground, and throw him at the wall of the porch because the dog had pissed on the walkway and not in the grass. I marched over to his locked gate, and began screaming at him to knock it off, lest I call the police on him...

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