He Was Terrified When His Bully Broke His Nose And Locked Him In A Locker. But Never Expected THIS To Happen.


Everybody had that one person in school who, for whatever reason, just decided to have a problem with them. Bullies often have their own problems and insecurities, but that doesn't necessarily forgive their actions.

Here's a story of someone getting back at their bully in a very positive way.


Many thanks to Reddit user accursedrubikscube for sharing this story.

Back in school, I was several things. Awkward and weird in the extreme. Bit of a runt. Physically weak. But one person who I do remember sticks out. His name was Jeff. Quite possibly the meanest bully I ever had.

He always was trying something against me, and as a result, I spent a lot of time in the library, or with teachers. After all, I was sick of him constantly trying to trip me, or try to steal my things, or make fun of me, or most annoyingly of all, trying to copy my work (I took great pride in my success).

I tried to not let it show but every once in a while, I would eventually break down. This persisted for the first two years. He always acted alone, perhaps cause he was trying to not look like an arsehole in front of everyone else.

Anyhow, after those two years, Jeff decided to shove me in a locker. Now, I'm claustrophobic, and he knew that. And when I was trying to frantically resist, he left me with a broken nose. I was locked inside, and was only let out when a teacher heard my pathetic sobs and pleas for help.

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