He Was Taken Aback When His Girlfriend Was Weirded Out By His Relationship With His Mom. But Then This Happened.


I am 22 years old. My mother suffers from major depression. I study and work part-time, so I'm almost never home. Today I had a day off and I spent it around the house, cleaning and doing stuff. As I was doing this, I went to my mother's bedroom and saw her sleeping, with the TV on.

I sat on the bed and woke her up, to ask her some stupid stuff I made up. Made some jokes and after that just chilled with her, which doesn't happen very often. We used to do this (my mom, dad and me) when I was a kid and this reminded me a lot of it. This was a chance for me, since we got to talk about how she feels and all that. That helped me understand why she is so depressed and all those things.

Girlfriend calls me. I tell her about this and she freaks out. She thinks it's "sick" that I spent time with my mother "in her room" and "on her bed". I mean, I get that imagining such a thing could be weird, but it actually wasn't. It actually was pretty sweet and it just felt like when I was a kid and she was happy.

Now she doesn't want to talk to me. She thinks I have some kind of issue and shit. I explained this to her the way I just did here and I don't see anything wrong with what I did.

In the end, I called her back and told her to go learn some empathy because she clearly has none and has never had any sort of experience in her life that would require her to stay close to someone she cared about. She's just not the kind of person I would want in my life because if I ever get sick I wonder if she'd even care or if she thought it was"sick"that she spent time with me.

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