Donald Trump Supporters Talk About What Trump Would Have To Say To Lose Their Vote.


1. My dad is voting Trump. I'm going to ask him.

Remarks from my Dad: "Literally Nothing. He could murder his wife, I wouldn't care." We aren't voting for Trump, we are voting to find out the truth about Obama and where he came from, and what grades he got, and who his real father is." My dad then started talking about how he will never find out what happened to JFK, maybe his grandson (age 9) will find out, but in my dad's life time he wont get to know. And it is "obvious the JFK assassination was a set-up by someone in the government". But we won't ever know what really happened with JFK, or all the secrets Obama has. A vote for Trump would "reveal all of Obama's secrets " and "get Obama and Hillary locked up".

My dad also believes that Trump can't actually harm America because "congress won't let him". But Hillary and Obama will make America a third world country that we wont be able to recover from in my (me, age 31) lifetime.
- f***-dat-sh*t-up

2. I was voting trump until he attacked Cruz after the convention. It showed me the man truly is a raging narcissist and that he can never be wrong. He just had the biggest night of his life and goes and brings up Cruz again? Before I thought maybe he was smart and was just playing it up for conservative base, but after that I realized it wasn't an act.

I was willing to put up with the ego and all his bullshit because I thought Hillary was a total fraud, but Trump has to be the most insecure man in America. And, everything is about him. The attack on the Khan family was the final straw for me. I don't know if I can stomach Clinton. I find her reprehensible. I might be voting Johnson although it feels like such a waste.
- chanbam

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