Best Conversation Ever With A Friend’s Cheating Ex-wife. This Is Genius.


The other day I was outside retrieving some things from our car when she comes out with her "sugar daddy" to see him to his car. I recognized him, but obviously she didn't know that. She brought him across the street and said "Hey! I want to introduce you to my boyfriend!"

At that moment I switched off my brain filter.

"Oh. Hi! Nice to meet you. Forgive me, but are you the boyfriend with the Benz, the silver pick up, the black pick up, that Rusty Toyota or the silver Expedition? I get you guys all mixed up!"

Without another word I went back inside, watched them fight for about 5 minutes before he (and her bill money) sped off into the distance.

I told her ex this story and he's insisting on buying me a steak dinner next week!

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