Best Conversation Ever With A Friend’s Cheating Ex-wife. This Is Genius.


I have a friend who recently divorced his cheating wife of 10 years. She still lives in the house he bought with his earnings right across the street from us. Even when they were together I never liked her, but her husband became quick friends with my husband and I when they moved in.

She never hid her cheating and used her husbands 15 hour shifts as her "flirt around" time. Different cars parked in front of the house all night only to disappear 10 min before her husband got home.

He soon found out and she was the one who demanded a divorce while he wanted marriage counseling. Fine. If you don't live someone then you don't live them. He moved out and left her the house and his beloved dogs that weren't allowed at his new apartment complex.

Immediately she acquired a "sugar daddy" to help pay the mortgage and bills, but she still had a slew of lovers, each having a particular night of the week to stay over. It's like a one woman show over there, I swear.

Now her driveway goes around to the back of the house so we can't always see whose parked there (sometimes they'll park on the street). For whatever crazy reason she believed my husband and I still liked her (we never did in the first place but she thought we did).

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