32 Things That Are Socially Acceptable In America But Not Anywhere Else.


These people talk about things that are socially acceptable in America but not anywhere else. Enjoy!

1. Expecting customers to make up the rest of someone's wage with tips. Tips should be a reward for exemplary service, not a mandatory charge because the business is too cheap to pay their workers a wage they can live on.
- _Fibbles_

2. Unnecessarily long election campaigns. Like here in Canada we think our 78 day campaigns are long while you guys have like 595 day campaigns.
- gilho

3. Advertising pharmaceutical drugs on TV

Not to mention just how many adverts you have on in a TV show. No wonder Netflix does so well.
- ringo_24601

4. When I visited (the South) I found it weird that people would randomly make conversation with me. A couple of times people made conversation from out their car window as I was walking by. I was raised in London where we are too awkward and busy to talk to strangers. At most, the old lady on the bus would say how nice the weather was and you'd smile and nod.

The only time random people would make conversation with you in London is when they're trying to get donations from you or mugging you (although they're kind of the same thing I guess).
- Wonsan

5. Smiling at strangers. Back in high school, I spent some time in St. Petersburg, Russia as a short-term exchange student. As someone ethnically ambiguous, I assumed most Russians would think I was from one of the Central Asian Republics, like Uzbekistan. Nope, they guessed American every time.

"Olga, how does everyone know I'm American?"

"You smile too much and have good teeth."
- verdantsf

6. When I studied abroad in Spain they extensively warned us about how rude it is to stretch at the dinner table... I never realized how much I love stretching at the dinner table till I got in trouble for doing it.
- ttothesecond

7. Politicians and public figures saying "God bless America" constantly.
- mrparsnip

8. Chanting "USA!" apparently.
- Black_Hipster

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