32 Embarrassed People Share The Things They Realized Waaaaay Too Late In Life.


Everybody has something that they were wrong about. But a lot of the more mundane day-to-day things get whittled away in time until we basically have some rough idea of what's going on around us.

But some things slip through the cracks...

Here are thirty-two things people believed for waaaaay too long.

Many thanks to Reddit user for posing this question. you can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/32. I learned that "blowjob" didn't mean "hair styling", two years after a girl offered me one, and I said I liked my hair the way it was. I was fourteen when she inquired.


2/32. When I was a kid I thought that a vagina was an inverted penis, and as a result of that women had boobs, thus, if you pushed a woman's breasts hard enough, her vagina would flip out into a penis.


3/32. Until I was 13 I thought the numbers on toasters were a heat setting, not minutes.


4/32. I thought Mufasa was the monkey in the lion king.... I don't know how I thought that for so long.


5/32. I learned what marital status was when I about 18. For some reason I always read it as martial status, as in martial arts. I took karate when I was younger so on my first few job applications I wrote "yellow belt" instead of single.


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