30 Surprising Stories About Liam Neeson That Confirm How Cool He Is.


Action hero and Academy Award nominee Liam Neeson has been dazzling us on the silver screens for decades now.

Below are some of the best stories that confirm just how awesome Liam Neeson is. Check them out!

Facts are sourced to IMDb.

1/30) Despite his reputation as a 'tough guy', he admitted that he has a huge fear of heights, saying: "I get scared standing on a thick carpet."

2/30) Neeson only took his first acting gig to try getting close to a girl that he wanted to go out with.

The role was the lead in a school play when he was 11 years old.

3/30) Neeson wanted to be in Stars Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace so badly that he didn't even read the script.

4/30) He explained that he fell in love with acting when he used to sneak into his hometown church and watch the minister preach. He claims the storytelling and the stage presence of the minister were very influential.

5/30) He attended the Queen's University of Belfast to study physics and computer science, but unfortunately flunked out.

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