30 Interesting Facts About Superstar Justin Timberlake.


Justin Timberlake has had a long successful career. Starting as a singer and performer on children's television and moving all the way to international film star and Grammy award-winning musician, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who's more accomplished than the 35 year old Timberlake. Here are 30 incredible facts about superstar Justing Timberlake. Enjoy!

3/30. Timberlake has had his fair share of international success, but with great fame comes the potential for some serious weirdos to be fans. He was seriously stalked by Karen McNeil for a while, she even broke into his home a few times, and he was eventually forced to get a restraining order against her.

4/30. When he is unable to fall asleep, he sings himself to sleep.

5/30. A 15-year-old NSYNC fan filed a lawsuit against Timberlake, claiming that he verbally assaulted her. Justin allegedly snubbed fans in a St. Louis hotel after which the plaintiff shouted that she thought J.C. Chasez was cuter. When she admitted to a guard that she was the one who made the comment, the guard made her go upstairs with Justin. After that, Timberlake allegedly pushed her against a wall and shouted insults at her. No one is really sure what happened though.

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