30 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Man Of Steel.


Henry Cavill might just be the perfect Superman. Even though he isn't American, his intensity and look fit perfectly with the character (not to mention his buff bod). Man of Steel was the first Superman movie since the explosion of both Marvel and DC Comics onto the big screen and it did not disappoint. Here are 30 incredible facts you never knew about Man of Steel. Enjoy!

3/30. Henry Cavill naturally has a hairy chest and left it untouched for the shoot of this movie. He insisted that Superman has chest hair in this film; he rejected the notion that just because you are muscular, you should not have chest hair and cited the Superman comic book "The Death Of Superman" as being an iconic representation in which Superman had a hairy chest.

4/30. When Clark is first learning to fly, he is only able to make a few gigantic bounds. In the first few Superman comics in 1938-9, he was not able to fly but could only leap 1/8 of a mile like a high-powered kangaroo. The first cartoons and movies decided that this looked undignified, and made him fly which looks more majestic, even though physics give no logical reason for him to have this ability.

5/30. The filmmakers hired Professor Christine Schreyer, an expert in anthropology and linguistics at British Columbia, to create the Kryptonian language. She developed an object-subject-verb sentence structure, contrasting the subject-verb-object structure of English (e.g. "I see him" in English would be "Him I see" in Kryptonian), to reflect that people on Krypton had become selfish and materialistic.

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