30 Hilarious Facts You Haven't Heard About Bridesmaids. These Are Great.


"Bridesmaids" was one of the first movies that started the charge of full-female cast raunchy comedies. Its humour was both subtle and very over the top at times, and it appealed to a large audience with its satirical, hilarious approach to weddings and the dynamics of friend groups. While only a few years old, it is still an absolute favourite of comedy fans. Here are 30 hilarious facts you never knew about "Bridesmaids." Enjoy!

3/30. Annie's photograph of herself and Lillian was made from real childhood pictures of Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, with their heads merged onto other bodies.

4/30. Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas became roommates in real life. In 2012, they told Us Weekly that they were inspired by their roommate roles in Bridesmaids and decided to move in together. While living together, the two received complaints from neighbours for singing "Annie" showtunes too loudly.

5/30. The scene where all the ladies meet at the engagement party is mostly improvised. Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Rita, has said all of the scenes were filmed scripted, but some allowed the ladies to show their improv skills. Kristen Wiig has added that director Paul Feig told them before shooting the scene to “just talk.”

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