27 People Talk About The ONE Event That Divided Their Life Into 'Before' And 'After.'


24. Getting so sick in my 20's that I literally thought I was going to die several times. Over 60 days in the hospital in one year. I 100% changed from who I was before. Old friends are just that, old friends because I'm not me anymore.

I had to quit my job, change diet 100%, stop drinking alcohol entirely, different social habits, different things I do for fun, moved cities, but really though it was just the new perspective on life. Almost dying in slow-motion really changes the way you look at the world and life in general. Makes all the "problems" I used to have seem so trivial and stupid.
- StatutoryOmelette

25. I just started my 'after' 3 days ago, I got a defibrillator implanted into my chest.
- Bmc00

26. I packed my bags from Sydney and got a one way ticket to San Francisco to pursue the start-up dream.

3.5 years later, I have the best co-founder in the world, and the best team (12 employees) and great investors, and amazing partnerships.

Literally I went to live my dream and am currently fortunate enough to say I'm in the middle of it now!

Before this, I was working a great job, but had zero fulfillment in my life. Now I make nearly no money ($2500 per month) but have so much self-satisfaction for what my team has helped us as a company accomplish so far!

Not sure if this answer is along the lines of what you're looking for, if it isn't, then my bad!
- michaeldunworthsydne

27. My boyfriend dying while we were together.

Some background - I met him on Tinder (I know, I know), on a whim. I met up with him, and he was 45 minutes late to dinner. When he did show up, he was dressed in a nice suit and brought me a rose. He explained that he was a truck driver, and he wanted to shower and be cleaned and groomed when he was to meet me. When I dropped him off that night, he was staying at one of those truck stop lot things where there's a shower and food, but you sleep in the cab of your truck.

We quickly fell for one another. He was very respectful of me, and didn't touch me until I touched him, and even then, he was respectful. We talked constantly on the phone, and I was able to see him almost every weekend when he passes through town. He loved being a truck driver, because he loved to travel. He took the most beautiful pictures, and they're still on Instagram.

Valentine's week, he said he wanted to meet my family. I told my family, and they were so excited. We were planning Sunday dinner. He was driving from California that night, so he could arrive on Valentine's Day. The last text I ever sent him was the time the Natural History museum closed - we were going to go because we were nerds.

I woke up Valentine's morning to a Facebook message from someone I didn't know. It said, "call me when you get this, XXX-XXX-XXXX. Upon quick investigation, I saw that it was from his mom. I got really nervous, because they lived in Florida, and I'd never met them. What could she have to say? Was she going to tell me to stay away from her son? Maybe tell me he's a psychopath? I had no idea.

I finally plucked up the courage to call her, and that's when she told me over the phone that he'd died in a rollover in the middle of the night in Nevada. I was completely devastated. And worse, I blamed myself completely. Who knew downloading a stupid app would lead to his demise? I remember sobbing together with his mom on the phone, and between my gasps I asked if she was upset with me. She reassured me that she wasn't, and we ended a call a short time later.

This has affected every one of my relationships since then. I treated my next boyfriend like he could die any day, and I made him promise (multiple times) not to drive distracted, and text me when he got wherever he was going. This was a tad ridiculous, and we didn't last long.

I still have a deep fear of letting someone drive to get me. I volunteer whenever I can do drive or go to them, and it all attributes back to that earth-stopping moment.
- bella_morte