27 People Talk About The ONE Event That Divided Their Life Into 'Before' And 'After.'


16. Hurricane Sandy. It completely destroyed my home, but I was living in a bad situation. After I was able to separate from my toxic family issues. Since then I've gotten my own place, met my SO/future wife, and had a beautiful son.
- organic_crystal_meth

17. My clean date. I'm a recovering drug addict.
- MattMightBeDrunk

a) The moment I made the decision to stay sober (2003)
b) The moment my wife and I were told my daughter had died in the womb. (2008)
c) When my wife, the love of my life, told me she didn't love me anymore (2 months ago).
- elmatador12

19. "Yes, you have cancer."
- AflacHobo1

20. Going to rehab.
- KatyLi

21. The day my former boss told me to "Get on Weight watchers" to cut costs on shirts. 175 lbs lost later, I really should thank her for the motivation.
- Themightyjc

22. Before my mom passed away and after.

My mom passed away 3 years ago this October. She was an alcoholic and never sought treatment. She fell ill with diverticulitis a few weeks before she passed. My dad took her to the doctor who told my dad to take her to the ER. At the ER, they gave my mom some medication and told her to go home. My mom took the medication but still continued to feel ill, but she wasn't one to want to go back to the doctor every time she felt sick. On Friday, Oct 18, 2013, my dad lost his job out of nowhere. My mom passed away the following Tuesday. I had called her the day before to check on them because I lived in a different state. My dad told me one of the last things my mom said was that she knew she felt awful because she drank so much and wanted to get help.

Since my mom passed I've found some things she left behind for us. My dad said on my mom's last day she asked him to buy a newspaper (mom rarely read the newspaper), which I still have. My mom circled passages in a book that she kept by her bed. I've posted a note she wrote to future family members.

My mom and I had a good relationship that could have been great if she did not drink. Seeing my dad go through looking for a job then losing his wife made me want to help out my future self by earning my master's degree, which I finished last weekend. I've also recently gone back to therapy because of the depression I didn't address back then. I always wish my mom was available to talk to about the news, school, or work. I wish I wrote down her recipes too. If your mom is alive and you love her cooking, ask her to write down her recipes in her handwriting.
- ataris816

23. With college came the development of depression and anxiety as well as a major break up, so I tend to think of my life as before and after college.

Also the before I knew my husband vs after is huge.
- ahhhlexiseve

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