27 People Talk About The ONE Event That Divided Their Life Into 'Before' And 'After.'


9. The day last September when I found out my extremely loving, moral, kind, thoughtful, husband and best friend of 30+ years had been an extremely active member of Ashley Madison for over 6 years and was living a second life I never knew about. It changed every aspect of me and every aspect of my life. I don't look anything the same. It changed my personality.
- Moraldilemmaeveryday

10. Quitting the band that could have potentially made it big, because my wife was leaving me.

I was on the road all the time having a blast. She was home alone in a strange city bored and jealous. She finally had enough and said that she was moving home with or without me. I quit and went with her.

It pretty much ended my dream of making it in music. She ended up being a total jerk. Once I stopped being a "rock star type", cut my hair and started getting serious about my life, she lost interest in me and started cheating, so I dumped her.
- thewhitedeath

11. My son being abused by ex-wife's boyfriend.
- ffoxx

12. I tasted my first Oreo at the age of 21.
- kotkaiser

13. When my then boyfriend of 6 years committed suicide in our living room and I found him. 7 years later I have a new life and married a wonderful man, but that thing won't ever disappear and there's no single day that the horrible image doesn't appear in my mind for at least one second, some days longer and regrets and questions run through my mind. Since then I have to deal with anxiety, which I have almost 100% controlled but I will never be the same as "before".

I wish you who are going through problems will be able to ask for help and work to get back on your feet. I promise it can get better, after this happened I was hopeless and thought nothing mattered anymore, nothing made sense, but then you work your way out of hell and things start to get better.
- ninguen

14. Moving. I was able to clean my hands and start new.
- MarkinVirginia

15. Before my ex fiancée cheated on and left me for another guy, and after she did so. Before she did so, we made >$180,000 combined with no kids, and both of us only being 24. We traveled once a month, had two car loans, split an apartment, had a wedding date planned and paid for, and a dog that was like a child to us. Everyone thought we were the perfect pair, and model post graduate professionals.

After however, I had to leave my job and move back home so that I wouldn't kill myself. Entered a crippling, still suicidal depression that I'm slowly recovering from. I'm unemployed, live with my parents, and just try to make it through the day while she enjoys trips to the Caribbean with her new boy toy.

Hopefully within some time I'll have a new 'before' and 'after' great divider in my life.

Just so it's not all focusing on the negative. Killing it on Tinder. I'm on my way to being in the best shape of my life. I have jobs lined up, and more interviews so there's that. Still a kick in the balls to have your SO and best friend of 7 years just throw everything away, laugh at you as you cry, and tell you she doesn't care that she hurt you or feel remorse for what she did.
- Throwaway314757

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