27 People Talk About The ONE Event That Divided Their Life Into 'Before' And 'After.'


Ever have a crazy experience that alters your life for better or worse? These people talk about the moments that changed the course of their lives.

1. My first non-minimum wage job. The difference a little bit of disposable income makes is insane.
- acampbell1990

2. Losing weight. I lost 130lbs after a break up, it's seriously like starting a new life, every day I have new social experiences that never happened when I was heavy.
- iceburglettuce

3. My spilt happened at an early age. My dad is from India and I was born in America. At the age of 5, my dad would ask if I wanted to go to India for a vacation. After a year I agreed to go with him. It was a fun couple of days till we reached his home town. We got to his uncles house and my dad told me to go say hi to my grandfather, whom I had met in the US before. After hugging my grandfather I look around to find my dad. I see him running. So I run after him through the house. When I got to the front, he had jumped in a taxi and rode off back to the US. I had no idea I would be staying in India for the next 3 years going to boarding school in a country. I didn't know any of the languages there. And it was my first experience with teachers being allowed to hit you. I always look at my life as life before india and life after.

TLDR: my dad took me to India at the age if six and left with out even saying goodbye. That's my before and after event. Also, my mother is black and I inherited most of her looks. So I was basically a black kid stuck in India.
- sanjirou3

4. I went from ~$10-12/hr to $20/hr.

It's insane how easy saving is. I don't own a couch, I don't own a TV, I don't have cable TV, but I pay rent in my own place (all mine!) and I max out my 401k employer match money and still save a hundred dollars or more each month. It's like offense and defense. I've been on defense long enough to have discipline, but now I have an offense to match and I'm just killing it.
- Beard_of_Valor

5. Best friend's suicide. I have a huge gap in my memory from when it happened, about 3-4 days. But nothing is the same afterwards. I visit the cemetery every month and still message him, but knowing that I'll never get a reply. Almost everything is "B was still there when it happened" "B wasn't there."
- germanjellyfish

6. My first seizure and epilepsy diagnosis... I was kicked out of the Air Force, temporarily had to leave my aerospace engineering studies. Caused me to meet the love of my life. Changed my perspective of the world. And a whole bunch of other things.
- SmootherPebble

7. Started having heart problems, got kicked out of the army, had to drop my geological engineering studies, and move back to my home town. Met my SO, changed majors, and am about to graduate summa cum laude with a Mathematics degree.
- H-Piddy

8. Sobriety began 9 months and 22 days ago. I met my current girlfriend 9 months and 15 days ago. Falling asleep without the aid of alcohol is nice. The cessation of cravings is nicer.
- idontseewutthebigdea

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